LUMIERE residential complex

St. Petersburg, Russia
Total area:
60 000 m2
Admission to the operation:
2010 year
Property type:
Residential complex

Residential complex LUMIERE is built in one of the historic districts of St. Petersburg. Its unique location, in Petrograd district, close to Chkalovskaya metro station, at the intersection of B.Zelenina str. and Korpusnaya str. determines the high level of infrastructure development and opens the possibility for easy visit of sightseeing of the city, including museums, theaters and cultural centers.

The complex consists of 10 -, 12-storey buildings with an area of ​​60 000 square meters. The architectural idea of LUMIERE can be called a "box with secret". Outside, the house is made in simple, classic style: the façade of natural stone greatly fit in a classic style, typical for buildings of Petrograd side, and inside walls of the house are decorated with colored glass that provides a fantastic play of colors in sunlight. This design concept provides the courtyard of the building with a unique atmosphere. A cozy patio is isolated from hustle and bustle of St.Petersburg, reassuring and fantastic play of colors.