NURLY TAU multifunctional complex

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Total area:
500 000 m2
Admission to the operation:
2005-2010 years
Property type:
Administrative and residential complex

The multifunctional complex NURLY TAU is an architectural focus of the administrative centers of Almaty and is the one of the largest social centers in Kazakhstan. The complex has been built close to the residence of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan on the square of Furmanova- Al-Farabi – Western Zheltoksan- Makhatmy Gandy. The area of the complex is more than 8 ha.

The unique architecture of the complex in the Hi-tech style repeats the shape of the Zaily Alatau Mountain. To achieve such an effect, the hardened light-reflective special glass with the gray-blue color was used.

The NURLY TAU project is the winner of prestigious awards; it has received the Grand-Prix of the Kazakhstan Architectures Union on the Construction and Architecture Festival. It has always received a golden medal of the International Association of Architectures Union on the XI International awards of architecture compositions.

To test the quality and durability of this sophisticated architectural structure, the group of companies "BAZIS" jointly with KazNIISSA has conducted numerous earthquake resistance tests using the vibrational equipment developed by the Scientific-Research Institute of Earthquake Resistant Construction. The earthquake imitation with the capacity of 8 points has proved the high reliability of all the elements of the complex.

NURLY TAU was constructed as a “city inside the city”. Each element of the complex was created for the comfort of the staff and residents of the building. There are entertaining, sport-recreational centers, restaurants, coffee shops, Lounge-bars, shops, beauty salons, etc. The offices of numerous large companies are located in the complex, among them “Kazneftehim” JSC, “Halyk Bank” JSC, “ATF Bank” JSC, “Mitsubishi Corp” representative office, “Basis” group companies, numerous representative offices of the foreign companies with business activities in Kazakhstan.