Schoolchild creativity palace

Astana, Kazakhstan
Total area:
46 943 m2
Admission to the operation:
2012 year
Property type:
Cultural, educational, sports center

 Schoolchild creativity palace was built under the order of President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. It was built by our company in a record short time just in six month. At the same time, the highest quality of construction is not in a doubt as this unique architectural project was awarded a Grand Prix by the Russian National Awards in the sphere of architecture “Crystalline Daedalus”.

This complicated four-floor architectural assembly has an area of 8.3 ha and 46 943 m2 of space. On the first floor, there is field-and-track exercise area, two workout rooms, swimming pools, ice-skating place, theatre with large auditorium, dining halls, administrative and service rooms. On the second floor, there are an exhibition hall, internet-center, media and library. On the third floor, there are basketball courts, halls for wrestling and tennis, rehearsal halls for an orchestra, dancing, chorus and drama communities, and medical center. On the fourth floor, there is a planetarium for 170 people, multifunctional amphitheater, choreographic halls, music rooms, art and dancing studios, natural science study laboratories, and video-photo centers.