Astana, Kazakhstan
Total area:
30 450 m2
Admission to the operation:
2009 year
Property type:
Administrative complex

“Shabyt” Art Palace is located on the main square of the country, the Independence Square next to the "Kazakh Eli" monument and the Independence Palace, opposite the Peace and Conciliation Palace. "Shabyt" - the "Hazret Sultan" Cathedral Mosque and Kazakhstan History Museum is located nearby.

"Shabyt" Art Palace is a multidisciplinary institution for all kinds of arts. There areKazakhstan Arts University with lecture-governmental halls and classrooms, a gymnasium, two concert halls, two film studios, photo and art studio, dance rooms, a library, a large multi-purpose hall for 4500 seats, meeting rooms, meant for simultaneous reception of 400, 200, 100 and 50 persons, a restaurant for 700 persons, a hall for press conferences, ceremonies hall and much more on the 7 floors of “Shabyt” Palace.

"Shabyt" Art Palace is an outstanding building. It draws the eye by unusual external form. There oval hall is in the center, around which all other premises are located. The building's structure is based on a large 38 columns reaching the 7th floor and having an inclination angle of 10 degrees, which are joined at the top level.

"Shabyt" Art Palace is the biggest unique complex combining under one roof creative people from all over Kazakhstan.