EMERALD QUARTER administrative complex

Astana, Kazakhstan
Total area:
250 000 m2
Admission to the operation:
2011 year
Property type:
Administrative complex

The height of  EMERALD QUARTER buildings is 37 and 49 floors. The height of 49-floor building is 201 meters. Today the building is the tallest building in Kazakhstan. The architecture of  EMERALD QUARTER has numerous unique features; starting from 32nd floor the area of the further levels increases. Thus, the buildings become asymmetrical with the top part inclining to 9 meter. The weight of the tallest building is 186 thousand tons. Augere pile and fundament plate with the thickness of 3 meters are used as a basis of this construction. 

The concept of this complex has been developed by world-known architect Roy Varakalli and Zeidler Partnership Architects company (Canada) in a cooperation with “BAZIS” project institute.