Astana, Kazakhstan
Total area:
70 000 m2
Admission to the operation:
2003 year
Property type:
Architectural composition

The construction of the “Round Square” in Astana is the first experiment of placing such a massive object on the compound ground. It was the first time in Kazakhstan when a high strength concrete was used. The climatic conditions of Astana set highest requirements to the construction professionals. Harsh continental climate and remoteness from the oceans made Astana to be one of the coldest capitals in the world. The annual temperature difference is 93,2 C0. In winter time the temperature goes below -50 C0. The construction of the architectural composition took place mostly in winter. Keeping the concrete in winter is not just a special technology; it is an essential art.

The engineers of our company proposed usage of augered piles. Constructors “went” 10-15 meter down below ground and reached rock soil. The weight of the composition was shifted to the hard foundation. In such a way, the unique construction of the “Round square” allows holding any loads.

The capital “Round square” is constructed in two levels: down side is built for pedestrians, the top side is for auto transport. Automobile bridge which crosses the square is the only one in the country as it has been built from a monolithic concrete. Canadian experts were hired when designing and further inspection of the bridge. The body of the bridge is 2.5 m. Inside the body there are strained wire cables and empty spaces for engineering communications.

The total area of the architectural composition is 70 000 square meters, the radius is 165 meters. Along the perimeter of the square there are buildings of national companies “Kazmunaigas” and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Two 20-floor terraced buildings joined by a transitional gallery on the height of 10-13th floors are a peculiar kind of “gates” of the Water-green Boulevard. Close to it there are buildings of the Ministry of Transport and Communication, 7-floor building of Eurasian bank, and living houses.