Астана, Казахстан
Total area:
103 059 m2
Property type:
Residential complex

Residential complex ORYNBOR is located in the perspective part of Astana city on the Orynbor Street which is the main road connecting city center with airport.

Specialists of our company came to the designing referring to the modern architecture, in order to that new object harmonious joins to the forming city landscape.

External refinishing of the buildings is made from natural stone that provides for a low demand of technical service and durability. Using of high-quality materials is a guarantee of these requirements and proper reply to the architectural solution.

Four separate groups of buildings, rising on stylobates are located on the plot with area 155,500 m2. Houses with variable number of storeys (7, 12, 14, 18 and 22), commercial buildings, parkings, gardens and zones, which are proper for city lifestyle entered the architectural composition.