LEGENDA Special Quarter is located n Abay Avenue at the intersection with Manas Street, not far from the legendary district known to every Almaty citizen as “mother-in-law’s tongue”. This is the “heart of old Almaty” which today has become the most dynamic metropolitan area.

You can easily and quickly reach any part of the city from here. Lots of streets crossing the avenue from North to South always provide a choice to get to the destination without traffic jams. In addition, there is subway station “Theater n.a. Auezov” next to your new home.


LEGENDA Special Quarter has an exceptionally comfortable neighbourhood. There is GLOBUS Multifunctional Center with shopping and entertainment complex nearby, Almaty Towers Multifunctional Complex that has five cinema halls equipped with modern Multiplex equipment, restaurants, Metro Sports and Entertainment Center, Palace of Sports n.a. Baluan Sholak and Central Stadium of Almaty with a lot of opportunities for sports within walking distance.

Location of Legenda Special Quarter next to Museum of Arts n.a. Kasteyeva, Almaty Circus, Drama Theater n.a. Auezov, Little Theater “Zhas Sakhna” allows you to plunge into the world of culture and creativity of the Southern capital. And in the summer, the whole world of adventures in Fantasy World Park is waiting for you and your children.

Another undeniable advantage for a friendly family is the proximity of several kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums and universities.

LEGENDA Special Quarter is located on Abay Avenue at the intersection with Manas Street.
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Construction completion date of 2st Line of Residential Complex - June 2020.


The architecture of LEGENDA Special Quarter is the stylization of so-called “neo-classicism” with “modern style”. Stylish design with large decorative panels, giving an aesthetic and original appearance to the buildings, abundance of glass, facing with natural brick - these are the main architectural features of LEGENDA Special Quarter. An incredible park environment is now an integral part of your daily life! Stylish landscape design, “boundless” fountains, original sculptures, walking alleys, running and bicycle paths, sports and playgrounds - this is only a small part of the magnificence that is created for you in the territory of LEGENDA Special Quarter.

The courtyards of LEGENDA Special Quarter have a unique aesthetics. Their architectural and вуышпт solutions are thematically connected with the architecture of LEGENDA Special Quarter, as well as with the cultural and historical traditions of Almaty, where a courtyard is a place of attraction for everyone who lives in the near buildings. The organisation of space here is not like an ordinary city courtyard or modern children’s playground, but as a full-fledged park for everyone who wants to have a great time.


All 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-room apartments of LEGENDA Special Quarter with the area from 38 m2 to 117 m2 are designed to meet the modern living standards using high-quality technical solutions. Technological equipment and modern systems ensure the possibility to control the costs for real estate operation. Effective functioning and high-quality utilities and maintenance of the residential area will be provided by the building maintenance service with a good reputation. The multi-level security system will allow residents and guests of LEGENDA Special Quarter feel calm and confident in the well-being of their family and property safety.

LEGENDA Special Quarter provides spacious underground car parks and guest parking spaces in the street.

* The guarantee agreement No. DPG-17-02-001 / 002 of 22.09.2017. Additional agreement No. 3 to the Agreement on the granting of guarantee No. DP-17-02-001 / 002 from 22.09.2017 on 03.08.2018 (block 9-10)Additional agreement No. 7 to the Agreement on the granting of guarantee No. DP-17-02-001 / 002 from 22.09.2017 on 19.03.2019 (block 11-12). Developer:  BAZIS-A Corp. LLP. Authorized company: KAT Construction LLP

** Provided photos and 3-D illustrations, project description and applied materials, planning concepts of the apartments, infrastructure and improvement of the complex serve as an example of living space layout and can be changed in the process of construction and operation.