The construction of the residential complex is completed.

ROYAL GARDENS residential complex is located in the upper part of the city of Almaty in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau, up the street Dulati.

ROYAL GARDENS residential complex is situated in a perfect place for living! On the one hand it is located within the city, just a few minutes from Al-Farabi Avenue, so RoyalGardens residents can quickly get to the business part of the city avoiding traffic jams. On the other hand it was built on the upland surrounded by magnificent mountains of Ile Alatau, rising above city smog being circled by really and truly resort atmosphere.

ROYAL GARDENS architecture is in harmony with the environment. Natural materials and colors of buildings faces make houses of the complex a part of surrounding landscape.

ROYAL GARDENS cannot find its own level in Zailiysliy Alatau and proposes to use everything that nature can offer you.
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Life on the resort!

No wonder that the residential complex was named ROYAL GARDENS. A very special attention was paid to site landscaping in the territory of the complex. It is planned to plant over 1 500 trees, about 15 000 bushes and an ocean of flowers here. The complex will be smothered in greenery and fume with flower aromas.

Natural diversity of relief looks even more elegant in the midst of picturesque alpine mountains. Garden houses and pergolas created by efforts of designers are twined with amur grapes. Even special outdoor grounds for barbeque are provided here!

Resort atmosphere reigns all the year round in ROYAL GARDENS. Everything here is intended to make you enjoy every minute of life and have a really good rest. Luxury SPA-zone with a large outdoor pool, several sport grounds for streetball, volleyball and soccer, bicycle lanes, tennis courts and rollerdrome will be organized in the complex.

Developing the project of the complex, architects inspired by the beauty of surrounding nature provided for very important details and made large panoramic windows, high ceilings and open terraces the key features of ROYAL GARDENS architecture. Such architecture techniques let you really enjoy the terrific mountain view, abundance of sunlight and fresh mountain air.

ROYAL GARDENS position on the upland and its fencing throughout the perimeter guarantee privacy of living to its residents because this way unauthorized access to the territory of the complex is eliminated completely.

ROYAL GARDENS is not an ordinary residential complex but a new for Kazakhstan cultural life in a health resort area.