Live on the main square of the country! 

Millennium Park housing estate is built on the main square of Kazakhstan – Independence square in Astana city, on the left bank of the Esil river.

The housing estate is city-forming object, which covers 10 ha territory.  Architectural complex includes 10 multistoried domestic and administration buildings, where shops, offices, infrastructural objects as dry-cleaners, tailors, working shops will be located. Terraces, play set, sports area are planned in the territory of the complex.  Kindergartens, schools, hospitals and family entertainment centers are situated very close to Millennium Park.

Residential complex Millennium Park is constructed on the first line of site development of Millennium parkway which became architectural continuation of Water green boulevard.
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Construction completion date of the second stage - Desember 2018

There is royal view from the windows of the housing estate to Independence square, “Kazak Eli” monument, “Shabyt” Art palace, Kazakhstan history museum, Peace and Сonciliation Palace, Khazret Sultan jami. New green park will be constructed at Eastern part of the housing estate soon.

We thought over everything to make your life in Millennium Park comfortable to the maximum. 

* Provided photos and 3-D illustrations, project description and applied materials, planning concepts of the apartments, infrastructure and improvement of the complex serve as an example of living space layout and can be changed in the process of construction and operation.