MillenniumPark Residential Complex rises on the main square of Kazakhstan, the Independence Square in Nur-Sultan city on the left bank of Yessil River. The Residential Complex is a city-forming facility with a territory of 10 hectares. Architectural ensemble includes ten 19- and 24-storeyed residential houses, two 3-storeyed buildings (Business Centre and Residential house with the centre of comfort on the first floor).

Architecture of MillenniumPark possesses unusual grace, perfect style and elegant simplicity. Elegant arcade provides the atmosphere of East to a modern architecture of the Complex. Heavenward houses are topped with roofs decorated by crowns as though tissued from the lace of oriental ornament. It seems like two epochs meet here – the epoch of the past millennium and a new time, the time of new horizons and great discoveries.

Residential complex Millennium Park is constructed on the first line of site development of Millennium parkway which became architectural continuation of Water green boulevard.
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Construction completion date is January, 2020

In MillenniumPark Residential Complex we offer you 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments with area from 40 m2 to 104 m2. Optimal areas give you a unique opportunity to buy an apartment at attractive price.

From the windows of the Complex there is a view on the Independence Square, Kazakh Yeli monument, Shabyt Art Palace, the Museum of History of Kazakhstan, Peace and Reconciliation Palace, Hazret Sultan Cathedral mosque. From the eastern side of the Complex a new green park will soon appear.

In the territory of the complex walking alleys, children’s village, and sports grounds are stipulated.

Within several minutes from MillenniumPark there are kindergartens, schools, polyclinics, family leisure centres.

We have figured out everything to make your life in MillenniumPark maximally comfortable.

* Provided photos and 3-D illustrations, project description and applied materials, planning concepts of the apartments, infrastructure and improvement of the complex serve as an example of living space layout and can be changed in the process of construction and operation.