Comfort in modern urban life is determined by mobility. An important feature of “JAZZ-Quarter” is the good transport availability and closeness of metro station. Within walking distance there are “ADK” Trade & Entertainment Center, schools and kindergartens, the all-season Ice Arena, Theatre for Children and Youth named after N. Sats, the embankment of the Bolshaya Almatinka River and much more!

The content of “JAZZ-Quarter” does not leave any doubt. There are spacious courtyard with places for relaxation, sports and games, its own large kindergarten, shops for daily purchases, interesting architecture and many options for planning solutions of apartments. Shops, coffee houses, beauty salons and other infrastructure facilities are located on the territory.

“JAZZ-Quarter” is located opposite “ADK” Trade & Entertainment Center between Satpayev Street and Abay Avenue, west of Tlendiyev Street.
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Construction completion date - Jule 2021.

19 buildings of “JAZZ-Quarter” are located on the territory of 4 hectares. 12- and 16-storey buildings have monolithic reinforced concrete frameworks and are capable of withstanding a 9-point seismic load.

A positive mood underlying of the architectural concept of the “JAZZ-Quarter” is complemented by high-quality finishing materials that make the buildings sound, warm and noise-proof.

1,5-, 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments with the area from 38 m² to 108 m² are presented in “JAZZ-Quarter” for your choice, there is an underground parking.

*  Разрешение на привлечение денег дольщиков № 60 от 23 января 2019 года (1 пятно) . Разрешение на привлечение денег дольщиков № 66 от 06 февраля 2019 года (2 пятно). Разрешение на привлечение денег дольщиков № 71 от 04 марта 2019 года (3 пятно). Разрешение на привлечение денег дольщиков №95 от 20.08.2019 г (6 пятно). Разрешение на привлечение денег дольщиков №97 от 20.08.2019 г (7 пятно). Застройщик: ТОО «BAZIS-A Corp.». Уполномоченная компания: ТОО «Жаңа Таңсәрі».

* Provided photos and 3-D illustrations, project description and applied materials, planning concepts of the apartments, infrastructure and improvement of the complex serve as an example of living space layout and can be changed in the process of construction and operation.