HOLLAND Residential Complex is a continuation of the extremely popular City Romance project, a novolescent cocktail of European life in the centre of the capital.

HOLLAND is located in Nur-Sultan on the right bank along Tauelsizdik Avenue. Nearby there is Presidential Park, National Museum of Kazakhstan, Independence square, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, shopping and recreation complexes.

HOLLAND received into itself the best that exists in architecture of Northern classicism: expressive stepped gables, roofs with traditional scarcement, broad parapets, and decorative cornices. And as a final chord of inspired architects there are outlines of classical Dutch small houses on the facade.

Closed Inner Park in HOLLAND will become an excellent place for walks and games with children, leisure and sports activities.

HOLLAND’s territory is closed for strangers. Multi-level security system – professional guarding, access control and 24-7 surveillance – will provide a full privacy of living.

For owners of the apartments there is an underground parking and for your guests there is a ground-based parking. Service on landscape design and observation of automatic engineering systems will be provided by an experienced service company.

Refined lobby with stylish finishing will continue your acquaintance with the Dutch style. Elegant details of interior harmonically supplement each other and create coziness and high-class comfort.

2-, 3-, 4-room apartments from 48 till 133 m2 are waiting for you in HOLLAND.

* Performance guarantee agreement No. DPG-19-01-001/013 as of February 22, 2019 (spots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 15.1). Developer: BAZIS-A Corp. LLP. Authorized company: Amsterdamcity LLP.

** Provided photos and 3-D illustrations, project description and applied materials, planning concepts of the apartments, infrastructure and improvement of the complex serve as an example of living space layout and can be changed in the process of construction and operation.

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Construction completion date is April 2020