Can you imagine an absolute privacy in the most dynamic place of Almaty? Would you like to live surrounded by the best places of the megapolis’s attraction? Are you dreaming of the stylish home that arouses admiring glances of people around you?

BAZIS-A is lighting a new star in architecture for you – ATRIA Residential Complex – home that you have been dreaming of!

ATRIA Residential Complex is located in one of the most attractive and dynamic places of Almaty, at Al-Farabi Avenue and Rozybakiyev Street.

To appraise the advantages of ATRIA’s location in full be receptive to your wishes. This could be the day devoted to shopping and entertainment, family trip to the cinema, Sunday breakfast or a choice of a book for an evening in the privacy of your own mind. ATRIA’s environment and its own trade gallery will embody the best “scenarios” of each day.

Study, try, and win! ATRIA Residential Complex is located in the environment of kindergartens, schools, universities and sports sections.

Enjoy your life. It is wonderful in each moment. Embankment, park, terraces located nearby and its own mini-park in ATRIA will open the sides of easy life in the megapolis.

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The completion date is July 2021.

ATRIA Residential complex consists of three different number of storey houses of 16– 14, 15 and 16 floors.

ATRIA is a perfect example of urbanistic architectural art: vertical lines approaching heavenwards, plenty of glass and precision of forms produce a skyline of a modern city. The creative idea is panoramic glass fixing of the allotted floor.

Take walk in your own small-park of your house, feel the atmosphere of its privacy, harmony and solitude. Here everybody has his own world: children’s and sports grounds, ambling and bicycle lanes and of course vibrant green accents of landscape design.

ATRIA Residential Complex is a perfect location, spellbinding view from the window to the mountains and the city and well-thought-out layouts of 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4- storied apartments from 52 to 135 m2. Create an ideal home for yourself and your family where you will be able to share the most bright impressions and unforgettable moments and will always be closer to each other!