July 11, 2014

Construction of the main sports structure of Universiade 2017 was started

The group of "BAZIS" companies started construction of a new Ice Palace - the largest sports structure in Kazakhstan, which can accommodate 12 000 people at the same time in Alatau district of Almaty city.

Construction of a multifunctional sports complex "Ice Arena for 12000 seats in Alatau district of Almaty city" is one of the key objects constructed for the successful holding of the World Winter Universiade in 2017. It will be located on the area of 9.96 ha, to the north of punched Ryskulov Avenue, to the west from B. Momyshuly street and it will be the largest sports structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ice Arena - the most important sports structure of Universiade 2017 and the second largest sport complex in the CIS. There is similar Ice Palace in Minsk, and the larger one is only in Sochi. The project is executed in accordance with the requirements of international standards, including the International Federation for hockey (IIHF) and the Continental Hockey League (KHL).

The complex will consist of three units: Ice Arena for 12 000 seats, training skating-rink with fitness centre (FC), and a swimming pool. The componentry of the ice arena will make it possible to use it as a universal platform for figure skating, ice hockey, boxing, basketball, volleyball, as well as a concert hall for 5000 seats, in the case of laying of thermally insulating covering over the whole area of the ice field (about 1800 m2).

Special attention is given to the technology of ice freezing. 120 cubic meters of water is needed for each rink pouring. The water is pretreated from various mechanical impurities, iron, chlorine and the salts, and then falls into the softener system and maintain the desired storage temperature. Ice surface is aligned with special ice machines to achieve the desired thickness - 5 cm after a complete freezing.

The central unit will accommodate two swimming pools with dimensions of 25m x 11m and 10m x 6m, dining and sitting area with a billiard. Scrimmage ice arena and fitness center, which will include room for choreography and acrobatic training halls for boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, table tennis, and a modern equipped wellness center, medical center and spa area with different types of services will be located in the third block, on four floors.

The latest technology of lighting and sound equipment and technical support of refereeing will be applied during the construction. The ice arena will be equipped with the most modern sports equipment.

"Ice Arena for 12000 seats in Alatau district of Almaty" will be the center for year-round sports and recreational activities. Infrastructure of the sport complex will allow to hold international competitions at the highest level, as well as to organize concerts and cultural and entertainment events.

The complex will be used for decades, it will change and improve the lives of citizens and inspire residents of Almaty to lead an active lifestyle.