May 22, 2019

Weekend in bright colors in Aquarelle Family Quarter

On Saturday evening BAZIS-A company gathered the inhabitants of Aquarelle Family Quarter to pass unforgettable, colorful, kind and funny Weekend in right colors.

Animators on stilts helped the inhabitants to “paint” the houses. Pictures in Ebru technique, aqua make-up and favorite children’s eats and drinks, competitions, quizzes - catching show programme to water-color specks of sunlight allowed nobody to stay indifferent. Endless wishes of joy and light were replaced by kind smiles. The neighbors became friends and became the one big family that gathered around a rich dastarkhan.

Future inhabitants joined them. They took a tour on ready-made apartments of spot 9 in friendly company of personal managers of  BAZIS-A.

In Aquarelle Family Quarter all paints of happy life gathered. Your every day will be bright and unforgettable. In a walking distance there is ADK TRC and Sairan metro station, schools, cafes, beauty salons, fitness clubs, health centers and terrenkur along Bolshaya Almatinka River.

Inner park of the family quarter is buried in verdure. Here for you and your children there are playing grounds, workout-complexes, garden houses and benches for hearty talks with your neighbors as well as alleys for walks. In near future here you will find 2 kindergartens. You should not spend you precious time on travel. In a smooth ride to the kindergarten and backwards your morning will be good!

Weekend in bright colors ended with the burst of pleasure and wishes of happiness and bright life! Join this friendly team of new settlers of Aquarelle family quarter!