July 22, 2019


Romanticization of cities as stone jungles is becoming a thing of the past. Megapolises are finding the ways to bring greenery back into the streets. Global reconciliation with nature has started in 2014 in Singapore – Tree House skyscraper with a vertical garden of more than 2 thous. sq. metres entered the Guinness Book of Records. The next were Australians with their famous One Central Park in Sydney and Italians with Vertical Forest Residential Complex in Milano.

Wall gardening up to the present moment was left just a subject for discussion on the territory of CIS. As the most megapolises are located in moderate and severely continental climatic zones, the designers have to cope not only with engineering issues but also with the issue of survival of plants in not typical environment. In the near future green “living” houses will appear in Kazakhstan! Some of these days a spectacular air installation in the sky of Almaty marked the start of selling of METROPOLE architectural concept from BAZIS-A.

METROPOLE “living” houses are a unique project of a “green” residential quarter combining in it innovative technologies, novolescent architecture and comfortable back end infrastructure. The philosophy of METROPOLE - a conglomerate of the City and Nature - is reflected vertically and horizontally in the design of the complex: facades of the houses are styled on mountain slopes along which the trees are climbing up and the layout of internal territory fully complies with the parking structure and imitates natural groves.

“Green” facades of METROPOLE are designed in accordance with changing, contrast weather of Almaty. Realization of this idea became possible owing to complicated engineering decisions which allowed providing comfortable environment for growth of the trees even at the height of the 19th floor!”

But “green” life’s framing is only one of the advantages that METROPOLE will present to its future inhabitants. METROPOLE “living” houses quarter combines and puts into practice all possible wishes for the first-class life in the city – from the location of the complex itself to the layouts of the apartments.

METROPOLE will expand on the territory of almost 9 hectares in the square of Al-Farabi and Seifullin Avenues and Markov and Popov Street. On the territory of the quarter there will be built 29 residential houses of 12, 17, and 19 floors. Unique layouts of METROPOLE apartments guarantee life filled with light, space and fresh air.

Internal space of the complex will be put into practice as a pedestrian park zone with “dry” fountains, bicycle tracks, sports and playing grounds. Underground parking is provided for car-owners of METROPOLE the entrance to which will be autonomous from the city traffic, owing to service-drives around the perimeter of the quarter.

METROPOLE is the city in miniature. Here you can find everything necessary for life, work and rest: street-retail gallery with shops, cafes and restaurants, fitness centre with a swimming pool and SPA, a stylish park.

METROPOLE ambitious project of BAZIS-A is a new take on the city space, “the city of future” where the wildest dreams and plans are becoming reality!