July 18, 2019


Even at our time of travels’ cult, somebody manages to go without a foreign passport; another one has just two-three pages marked with stamps of arrival-departure of other countries. But their own perception of each county, some system of associations have both. Television, personal experience, stories and photos of the friends – we picture in our head an associative map of the world.

China is strictly connected with the Great Wall of China, Brazilia – with the Carnival in Rio-de-Janeiro, France – with croissants, and Holland – with tulips. The countries scrupulously fix their symbols in public conscience, for instance, in 2014 the Dutch grew and presented a new variety of tulips dedicated to Nursultan Nazarbayev.

But what else do we know about Holland, which associations do the Kazakhstani have with this extrafloral nation? We took the poll among the citizens of Nur-Sultan: what do you find attractive in Holland and what would you like to see there and bring with you from the trip?

“The Venice of the North” – such an association took 15% of votes in our poll, windmills and “gingerbread” houses of the Dutch as the best recognized shadow-figures were chosen by 25% of the pollees in their private top of associations, 17% of our respondents, dreamily rolled their yeas, recalled the Dutch waffles with syrup and cinnamone. 14 % of the city residents recalled porcelain boots with the blue painting and Niels with geese in such boots (we decided not to disappoint them: Although Niels had been travelling across Sweden, but the boots were really similar by their shape). Cozy small streets, the sea of greenery and flowers, such an impression about the country left by 13% of the surveyed inhabitants of the capital, and only 6% was honored by the Dutch cheese.

The poll apart from the figures themselves gave to us also precious observations. The majority of the pollees counting their associations were carried away in Holland in their mind. Their associations by their brightness and emotions are very similar to a dream! Everybody van fulfill a dream about Holland either by addressing to the Embassy for a visa or to BAZIS-A in order to purchase their own piece of Holland in HOLLAND Residential Complex.

HOLLAND Residential Complex is a new project in the framework of City Romance architectural complex. HOLLAND is a neighborhood with other European states – BARCELONA and ENGLAND residential complexes, architecture of the northern classicism, luxury layouts of 2-, 3-, and 4-rooms apartments and calculated coziness of court-yards.

HOLLAND Residential complex is life like a business-class travel