October 10, 2018

«Getting acquainted with neighbors!» Open Air Party in Barcelona Residential Complex

Are you well-acquainted with your neighbors? If not than it is time to restore a heart-warming tradition! This past weekend happy owners of apartments in Barcelona Residential Complex got acquainted with their new neighbors at Open Air Party.

“City romance” traditional project being built by BAZIS-A in Astana is one the quintessential projects demonstrating the best styles of world architecture – French,

English, Italian and now Barcelona, which construction is fully completed, is one of the most desirable places for living in Astana.

The event which took place in sunny day on October 6, devoted to the completion of Barcelona construction has become not just a festival but a real moment of unity of congenial souls.

On the lively rhythms of a fascinating show programme the guests and the residents of Barcelona were wrapped up in a warm atmosphere of Spain, participated in interesting contests with joy and enjoyed incredible emotions from the bright siesta! Newly-crowned senors and senoritas shared their impressions about life in a new house, thanked all the audience and wished happy life in Barcelona to their neighbors.

Today in Barcelona there is an opportunity to acquire a ready-made apartment and to become not just an owner of a new house but to acquire amicable and responsive neighbors.