September 30, 2019


The most daring and bright ideas are born from rethinking of classics. Combining classical architectural traditions and modern tendencies, engineers and designers change the towns image and give us a new vision of the most famous architectural structures!

“The Austrian Quarter” represents the modernized cannon of European palatial architecture, is located in the prestigious Nur-Sultan district on the right bank of the Yessil River.

Famous sights of the capital as the President’s Park and Independence Square are just in a few minutes from the “Austrian Quarter”. The main building of the complex is a “quote” from the Schonbrunn Imperial Palace into the modern context of technology and materials. The facade attracts its attention with a magnificent combination of finishing materials, where architectural “drawing” is favorably emphasized by the contrasting play of textures and colors. Gothic windows, rounded side facades, an arcade design on the first floor also refer to the famous Viennese palace.

The luxurious lobby of a truly king size (130 square meters!) stands out as a separate mention: a majestic colonnade, an exquisite coolness of marble, a seasoned color palette and an exclusive design of welcoming lounge areas.

The general layout of the "Austrian quarter" takes into account the modern fashion for enclosed courtyards - outsiders are not allowed in the "inner chambers" and the privacy of residents on walking alleys, children's and sport grounds are reliably protected. 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments are designed adapted to the needs for air and light: stained-glass windows, high ceilings and large total area.

“The Austrian Quarter” is a part of the large-scale urban project “Urban Romance”, famous for its original architectural and design solutions. When you choose the "Austrian quarter" you get the perfect location, a unique "palace" design and the best place to live!