October 15, 2018

Urban beautification of N. Nazarbayev Avenue in Almaty

Bright green trees in summer and honorable shades of leaf fall in autumn are the things that make Almatians always proud. To keep this beauty an immense urban beautification of the recently renovated N. Nazarbayev Avenue was made.

Just in several days BAZIS-A has planted more than 1300 plants along the whole avenue. - Fragrant jasmines and lilacs that we will enjoy in early spring - Evergreen thujas of different forms and sizes - Harmonious pines, spreading lime-trees and bright elegant roses!

Some species of these plants were delivered from Europe but had been specially adapted to the climate of Kazakhstan and city environment of Almaty. That is why for a longer life were chosen such types of trees and bushes which easily adapt to changeable weather conditions, overcome temperature ratio, smog and high level of noise. Moreover many old trees decorating the avenue were transplanted in new, more favorable places of the street.

Due to such urban beautification N. Nazarbayev avenue will please you again by its well-conditioned view – here ecological situation will improve and an extreme beautiful sight will remain for many decades!

There are several facts! Planted:
- 152 mature trees
- 405 bloomy bushes
- 222 decorative plants
- 549 rosebushes. Laid:
- 14 000 м2 of green lawn.

- 4360 м2 of lawn grass.

- More than 3 000 м3 of fertilized soil.