February 26, 2019

Two parkings as a present!

In a large friendly family frequent trips after which it is a pleasure to return home is not uncommon and the number of cars that is more than one is a basic necessity. There is an excellent offer in BARCELONA Residential Complex for you always to be surrounded by comfort of your own home and your car fleet to be under safe custody.

With the purchase of a 4-room apartment with an area from 115 m2 to 120 m2 you will receive 2 parking slots in an underground parking as a present!

BARCELONA Residential Complex is entirely completed. It is located in Astana on the right bank of Essil River on Tauelsizdik Avenue and is the part of City Romance cultural project.

Exquisite architecture of BARCELONA is inspired by cozy cities of Mediterranean coast - here a real Spanish spirit reigns. Closed area of your new house forms a patio in European style. Your children will be playing on safe playing complexes, and you will be able to exercise on modern workout-grounds or just have a rest enjoying magic atmosphere of sunny BARCELONA!