October 24, 2018

Transport interchange of Kuldzhin tract and Ryskulov Avenue in Almaty is a new comfortable way to the centre of the southern capital.

Modern technologies of construction involve concrete poring by the prestressed method. This method multiply secures the construction, makes it monumental and able to resist maximum seismic loadings.

Well-designed directions of 6-stripe highways will help you to reach the point of destination quickly. Bright modern lighting along the whole 860-meters transport interchange will make the way comfortable even in the night-time.

The 4-meters wide stripes allow to maintain a comfortable distance when driving and an excellent capacity of the transport interchange in 135 000 cars per day will significantly “unload” the traffic from Almaty and to the city.

Wide (3 meters) and comfortable pavements are designed for pedestrians on the transport interchange of Kuldzhin tract and Ryskulov Avenue and a modern irrigation canal net is provided for the comfort in rainy days.

Modern speed transport interchange of Kuldzhin tract and Ryskulov Avenue will help to improve an ecological situation of Medeu district in Almaty as well as will gain throughput of other main roads of the city.

Due to this transport interchange you can quickly reach the centre of Almaty and move from the megapolis to the countryside.