August 20, 2018

Sales office in Nurly Tau BC is under reconstruction

Comfortable space sets mood, is a source of inspiration that eggs on interesting ideas and solutions. That is why we decided to reorganize our central sales office in a Nurly Tau polyfunctional centre having renovated design, having changed furniture and interior details.

Very soon the reconstruction will be over and Nurly Tau sales office will throw open its doors again!

In a renewed sales office you will continue to familiarize with new residential complexes by BAZIS-A company in exceptionally comfortable conditions.

Until then we are waiting for you in other sales offices that are still working routinely at the following addresses:

* Abay avenue, 210, at the corner of Tlendiev str.

* Kablukov str., “Mega Tower Almaty” RC, 264 (Block 5), floor 1 (entrance from southern side)

*Satpaev str. 90/20, Symphoniya RC, Block 3, floor 1 (entrance from northern side)

* Akbulak microdistrict, 43/1, “Almaly” RC, floor 1

Sales offices working hours:

Mon-Fr from 10.00 till 19.00

Sat from 10.00 till 17.00

Sunday is day-off

If you have any questions please call us! +7 (727) 2 777 777