July 16, 2019


There are residential complexes that are proud of their location in the very heart of Almaty. And there is Royal Gardens that had been constructed on purpose just on the edge of the megapolis in picturesque foothills of Zailiyskiy Alatau. This is a resort-type complex. And there are 5 reasons why Royal Gardens is an ideal place for life!

Amazing environment

Royal Gardens is located in Almaty up Dulati Street, 10 minutes drive from Al-Farabi Avenue. Resort life begins here from the approach to the Residential Complex. For your sophisticated attention there are SPA-centres, restaurants, boutique-hotels and many other things. There are a lot of opportunities not only to enjoy great mountain scenes but also to spend your time excitingly!

Active rest

The tradition of resort life continues on the territory of the Residential Complex. Royal Gardens retained its unique back end infrastructure of the best high-mountain resorts of the world and can offer a rich variety of bright experiences. For active rest on the territory of the Complex several sports grounds, pitches for mini-football, hand-ball and tennis have been stipulated. Moreover for you there is mountain hiking, mountaineering, skiing, sliding and skating. Active life in Royal Gardens permanently gives the whole family a feeling of festival and dreamlike mood!


In the very centre of Royal Gardens for you there is SPA-zone with a big heated swimming-pool in the open air. If you want to relax and sunbathe – here you are! Fitness “in the open air”? Here the net of running machines are provided! If you want to do barbeque with your friends and neighbors – in Royal Gardens there are special places for such rest! For grateful unhurried walks there is parkland for contemplation of mountain amenities.

On the territory of Royal Gardens natural landscape has been preserved to the maximum. Natural changes in topography are landscaped by picturesque alpine gardens. Here more than 15 000 trees and bushes have been planted! All it takes is to step into majestic gardens of Royal Gardens and you will find yourself in the world of architectural genius where every line acquires conceptual completeness and even insignificant at first sight details take part in creation of inimitable style. The territory of the Residential Complex is safeguarded and is under day and night surveillance which means maximal privacy of your life.

Games for children

For your children in Royal Gardens the unique environment has been created. Opportunity to live in a resort area combines with a plenty of opportunities for active games and sports activities. Children’s playing complexes are installed on eco-covering, the rollerdrome and bicycle tracks will allow you to spend more time outdoors.

Luxury apartments

Apartments in Royal Gardens are none the worse for suite of rooms or guest houses. In the residential complex for you there are 4-rooms apartments from 160 till 222 m2. The houses are three-storied and there are only two or three apartments on the floor. That means that the privacy of your life will not be disturbed.

Spacious terraces have become a bright peculiarity of the luxury apartments from which there is a fantastic view on impressive mountain scenes of Ziliyskiy Alatau as if they went from a postcard! In conclusion you can safely assume that each verge of Royal Gardens is penetrated with perfection! And it means that having settled here you will evaluate all advantages of the phrase “Resort all year around”!