May 23, 2019

New science and comprehensive library in Turkestan

BAZIS CONSTRUCTION creates a new place of attraction in a cultural centre of Turkestan. As late as in 2020 every inhabitant will be able to evaluate a library with a vast books collection and immerse oneself in scientific theories and fiction worlds.

A scientific and comprehensive library is being constructed in Otyrar micro district. Here in the area of 1 hectare a unique 3-storied complex with a landscaped territory and spacious parking will be located.

The library’s architecture is an example of eclectics of stylish trends: light tones, natural materials and the “scent” of modern “ecofriendly” trend in each detail. Big external arcade evokes memories of Oriental palaces and reminds you of a great legacy of the city. Herewith amazing reticulate leaves are inspired by bright specimens of libraries of global capitals – Prague, Amsterdam, and Paris.

Inner space of the library continues a modern aesthetics of architecture – light shades of the walls are complemented with stained-glass windows at the cityscape. Here communication space concept – space of communication – finds magnificent continuation in a courtyard. What can me more attractive than to read your favorite novel in the open air! Besides all necessary conditions for cozy pastime have been created – lunch in a café or a break from reading on soft sofas. Here an autonomous

boiler house is stipulated for creation of an optimum microclimate for storage of precious exemplars of books.

Forget about reading halls of old type, modern libraries are the centre of attraction. For you on 3 floors there are spacious galleries, work-spaces, open space for studying and reading, conference-halls, art-studios, media-centers with modern equipment, children’s classes for creative work and of course hundreds of racks with thousands of books. You will study, work and relax in extremely comfortable atmosphere!