July 15, 2019

New mosque opened in Nur-Sultan

Rakhymqyzy Raissa anameshiti mosque has been constructed by BAZIS Construction LLP in Saryarka district of Nur-Sultan.

An architectural solution for a new ecclesiastical building has been developed by Bazis design institute. Total area of building amounts to 2,247.1 sq.m, area of building is 1,651.67 sq.m.

The area of the men’s prayer hall is 694.1 m2, women’s prayer hall is 249.1 m2. The mosque is designed for 700 worshipers. A hall for ceremonial festivals can house about 200 persons simultaneously.

Classical mosque layout provided the basis for the project: each of 4 minarets is 30 metres high, men’s and women’s prayer halls, and the hall for ceremonial festivals.

Interior decoration is also treated in classical style: ornamental fretwork, quilted stained glass windows, complete carpet cover for prayer halls and glassed marble in the hall for ceremonial festivals.

The surrounding area is paved with stone blocks and also on it, in accordance with “Urban beautification of Nur-Sultan Concept”, lawns and trees are planted, and along the perimeter - a parking zone is provided.

During the construction of the mosque high quality construction and facing materials have been used: limestone, granite, fibre concrete. The cupolas have been made of Patina copper. The elements subject to maximum stress of negative weather factors are made of long-wearing materials – plastic-coated materials, fibreglass, and galvanized steel.

Rakhymqyzy Raissa anameshiti was constructed in the framework of Tuganzher and Rukhanizhangyru programmes initiated by the First Presindent of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Nursultan Abishevich was the first who visited the mosque on June 27, 2019. An official opening of Rakhymqyzy Raissa anameshiti for worshipers took place on July 05, 2019