December 19, 2019

METROPOLE living houses are recognized as RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX No. 1 of 2019 in KAZAKHSTAN

METROPOLE living houses became the best residential construction project in nomination “Innovation of the year. Residential complex No. 1 of 2019 in Kazakhstan”. High award was given METROPOLE for innovative and breakthrough solution for Kazakhstan – vertical landscaping on facades of residential buildings will be realized for the first time in our country.

Nature becomes closer to man and man to nature. Novolescent architecture and technologies are organically combined with living trees on the facades of houses and their own park area with Almaty mountainous panoramas form a single whole.

Green facades of METROPOLE – that is a vertical park of coniferous and deciduous trees. The original design concept was designed according to changeable and contrasting weather of Almaty city: sophisticated engineering solutions will provide for a comfortable environment for tree growth even at height of 19 floors!

The construction of unprecedented BAZIS-A project began in 2019. A new symbol of luxurious life is created at the most attractive, fashionable and business address of the southern capital - at the intersection of Al-Farabi and Seifullin Avenues. Thus, for the first time there are trees on facades in Almaty city, a conceptual interior, a private luxurious park, a street-retail gallery and an unlimited potential for rest and walks, sport and entertainment, work and training within METROPOLE and its surroundings. METROPOLE is a high attention to details as well as the privilege of watching stunning panoramic views of mountains and green trees on your balcony every day.

Now, residents of Almaty city will be able to enjoy this magnificence. Not just to enjoy but LIVE IN METROPOLE!