July 4, 2019

Life in hygge style


In the age of digital an ability to find time for rest, simple joys and hobbies is priceless. And a new trend for us - life in hygge style - is taking a special meaning. All happiness in one thing: prosperity, beloved ones near you, and serenity. All this is at home where you can make a pause, relax, have rest, and restore you strength and energy.

Hygge style (translated from Norwegian “hygge” means prosperity, wealth) had been presented to us by the Dane having put in this short word a special attitude to life, ability to accommodate it in such a way that there will be the place and time for simple joys.

Life in hygge style bears no haste. You are waking up listening to the birds’ singing but not an alarm clock. You are surrounded by nature, mountain peaks and green groves. The state of happiness is “trained” without any efforts. New habits are emerging: to share good news every day, not to miss your fitness trainings, to smile to yourself during a morning run, to communicate with your neighbors, to give time to meditation and relaxation… You will finally recall about your wasted talents, this is because now inspiration is your permanent companion!

Can hygge be put into life in Almaty? When centering on your business and worries you are sure that in the evening your house would meet you with quietness, freshness of mountain air and coziness of garden houses. Now you can spend more time with your children playing football and chess. Now, being an adult, you allow yourself kid’s mischievous tricks and funny entertainments: to go on the swings, to catch an eco in musical tubes, to jump higher and higher on a mini-bouncy castle. And even visit the hobbit because his magic house is near to yours.

Such place exists and it had been chosen by nature itself. REMIZOVKA Residential Complex had been created for happiness and idyll. The idea of confidential relations with nature had been put in the foundation of architecture. Noble facades are integral to the surrounding landscape.

Having found yourself in a bright lobby you will be able to appraise the sense of taste of the authors of the project who had applied interesting touch and décor details in design – brass panels with a mirror background, warm noble shades in decoration of the walls and dim lighting. Light lift halls continue the theme of natural materials and shades. Noiseless elevator will lift you at the right floor where there are only three apartments.

Having crossed the threshold of your apartment you will forget about anything and everything, sinking in the comfort of coziness, warmth and gentleness! There is a lot of light in the spacious rooms; high ceilings give you the feeling of air and freedom. The bedrooms are equipped with additional bathrooms and dressing-rooms. This is your ideal home for life in hygge style! Here you will realize that there is no such place in the world like this one. From here to eternity this is your source of life energy, calmness and confidence in the future.

Stop the moment to fill it with love for life, with simple and bright joys of every day!

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