March 14, 2019

Life in JAZZ style

What is modern Almaty like? This is a megapolis that never sleeps. This is a bustling city, millions of city lights merge in a traffic flow and the citizens keep abreast of dramatic events. With the beat of a big city there is a new round appeared – JAZZ-quarter from BAZIS-A. Jazz-quarter is being constructed between Abay and Satpayev Street, to the west of Tlendiyev Street. Owing to excellent transport accessibility you can easily and quickly reach any point of the city.

Dynamic district of the city, many places of amusement, sports and educational centres are the things that JAZZ-quarter is significant for. Near you can find ADK shopping mall, Bolshaya Almatinka River bank, HockeyWorld ice arena, children development centres and gymnasium schools.

Architecture of JAZZ-quarter is a harmonious space, the basis of which is beauty and high quality of construction. Owing to experiments with geometry, mixture of textures and styles an image of a new brave architecture of the city is being emerged. A thought-out location of 12- and 16-storied houses of JAZZ-quarter allows you to enjoy fresh air and a view of mountains every day. A spacious lobby completed in a custom design is a laconic continuation of a general architecture idea.

Inner territory of JAZZ-quarter is an ideal world for everyone! Own kindergarten with a big yard for outdoor activities is located in the territory of the complex. Yard private space of JAZZ-quarter is a green garden square for rest and meeting with friends, modern children’s, and sports and workout grounds. Down Satpayev Street on the first floors of the houses there is a trade alley where premises for cafes, boutiques, beauty salons or wellness centres and fitness had been stipulated. BAZIS-A supports those who create a comfort zone for life. JAZZ-quarter has put in place the best expectations about the home in which you want to live!