October 15, 2018

“Legenda” becomes closer! Buy a mortgaged apartment without bond.

Are you looking for an apartment? Are you considering taking out a mortgage but don’t have “backup” real estate to pawn it?

 Don’t miss this unique opportunity to buy an apartment in “Legenda” special quarter under special terms! This will require making a down payment of 30%, applying for an unsecured loan via Bank CenterCredit at 14.5% minimum rate up to 15 years.

 “Legenda” special quarter is your best choice! Alongside with the spacious apartment in “Legenda” you will get all the advantages of living in a city center: a fashionable address, transport accessibility, a garden, a kindergarten, fully equipped fitness center and an amazing mountains view. Information about “Legenda” at: http://legenda.kz/