May 16, 2019

Ideal place for life

Holiday at a high-mountain resort a couple times a year? You can afford it! You akin to a professional evaluate advantages of such voyage – mountain air, majestic landscapes and a great variety for eventful pastime. You love and can enjoy yourself resting at the resort! And what if such a life can become an everyday pleasantness – a natural continuation of everyday life? … Let us discuss it for a while!

Val Thorens, Courchevel, Grindelwald are some of the best resorts in Europe. This title was worthily obtained by them not only for their premium inner infrastructure – incredibly luxurious hotels, SPA-centers and the best service of possible but also for their location. They are truly amazing places; such resorts are usually imprinted on pictures or cozy Christmas postcards. Tremendous forests, green meadows, mountain peaks sparkling from blinding snow; it is a fairy tale and not just a resort. And in all this natural magnificence, like berries on a cake the best hotels, health centers, restaurants and active pastime places are spread.

You perfectly know how the rest at these resorts “tastes” like! Just imagine that you have become a resident of one of such hotels! You do not have to go anywhere – the resort is around you! You want mountain skiing – here you are. Health-improving massage – SPA-centers are here for you. Mountaineering or simply walks – all it takes is to go out. Will you say that it is impossible? You perfectly know the answer.

Such an ideal place for life already exists in Almaty! To be exact in picturesque foothills of Zaili Alatau – next to the “pearl” of Kazakhstan - Ile-Alatau national park. And this place is called Royal Gardens Residential Complex!

You should just go up from Al-Farabi Avenue along Dulati Street, passing First President’s Park, SPA-centers and hotels. Just before reaching the boundaries of Ile-Alatau National Park you will see glorious “Royal gardens”.

Here 3-storied houses are ideally inscribed in the surrounding environment, and mountain paths and stiff slopes begin just around the corner of the Complex. Wide variety of active rest types, whether it is mountain skiing or sledding, are available for you. And pleasure of glorious landscapes, fresh air and unique flora will become your favorite pastime.

You will joyfully observe the splendor of mountain peaks from your home. Because Royal Gardens Residential Complex is located in an ideal place for life!