October 18, 2019

Get closer with ATRIA – BAZIS-A unites hearts

Is it possible to find a place in Almaty where you can fully live a vibrant life surrounded by the best places of attraction, but at the same time maintain absolute privacy of residence and be closer to yourself and your family? Yes - this is the new ATRIA residential complex from BAZIS-A.

Here your day will begin with invigorating fresh air, impeccable views of the mountain peaks and the vibrant panorama of the awakening city. On the one hand, the location at the intersection of Al-Farabi and Rozybakiev Streets allows you to solve daily problems quickly and efficiently. Travel time to work is minimized. And on the other hand, you can extravagate by quickly changing the city scenery for leisurely family walks in the largest city park or promenade, there are located in 10 minutes from ATRIA or in your own park in the courtyard of the residential complex.

Three 14th and 16th - floor houses form a private space where everyone will find the nest for themselves.

Vertical lines going up, the abundance of glass and the sharpness of forms give rise to the silhouette of a modern house. The original idea is the stained-glass glazing of one floor, that sets a peculiar dynamic to the architecture of the complex and gives the interior of the apartments uniqueness and an abundance of space and light.

The lobbies of the ATRIA residential complex reflect current trends in materials and interiors. The design is based on a game of contrasts: light tones of walls and a deep graphite shade of the floor covering, smooth surfaces and geometric elements of decor. This combination is a concise continuation of the overall architectural concept.

The house must be truly comfortable to have a desire to go home. The special atmosphere of ATRIA is created from many details. Convenient underground parking is provided for car owners. Entry of cars into the territory of the residential complex is limited. You just have to enjoy life because everything in ATRIA is controlled day and night, which is carried out by our own service company.

The ATRIA residential complex is an excellent location, a bewitching view to the mountains and the city, aa well as elaborate layouts of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-room apartments from 53 to 139 m². Create your own perfect home for you and your family, where you can share the most vivid impressions and unforgettable moments and will always be closer to each other.