July 11, 2018

Citizens of Kazakhstan trust BAZIS-A

Citizens of Kazakhstan learned to recognize reliable real estate developers – they give preference to BAZIS-A when choosing the most trustworthy construction company. These statistics are provided by the monitoring agency ranking.kz.

To insure yourself from fraud investors you need to know: only local executive authorities (akimats) and Housing Development Fund (HDF) are empowered to issue a permit for real estate developers to collect funds from investors. Investments into construction projects without such permission are not recommended, you should not invest into dubious construction objects.

All purchasable BAZIS-A residential complexes are licensed by akimats or HDF to collect funds from investors. In addition, ranking.kz analysts point out that as many as 40% of construction objects in Kazakhstan supported by HDF belong to BAZIS-A.

Among other advantages being of high priority for the citizens of Kazakhstan citizens are BAZIS-A’s top positions in real estate developer’s white lists in Astana and Almaty and absence of problem object in its activity.

BAZIS-A express thanks to the citizens of Kazakhstan for their loyalty and choice!