December 19, 2019


The victory in nomination “Construction Company No. 1 - 2019 in Kazakhstan” was awarded to BAZIS CONSTRUCTION by majority of votes of the authoritative popular vote. BAZIS CONSTRUCTION is the part of BAZIS-A Group of Companies which has confirmed its permanent leadership in the construction industry.

BAZIS CONSTRUCTION started a number of significant projects in Turkestan in 2019 including the whole reconstruction of historical and cultural museum-reserve “AzretSultan” adjacent to the Mausoleum of Akhmed Yassaui, the reconstruction of the pedestrian alley and Nazarbayev Street, the construction of important social and cultural objects such as museum of Khoja Akhmed Yassaui, sports and entertainment complex with a swimming pool, universal scientific library and an amusement park. The construction of infrastructure facilities in Karabatan, Atyrau city is in the process. The construction of the road junction at the intersection of Ryskulov Street and Kuldzhinskiy

tract in the southern capital is completed. The construction of high-level residential complexes in Nur-Sultan and Almaty is in the process. Over 11.5 million square meters of residential and administrative buildings, 3 million square meters of social and infrastructure facilities as well as hundreds of kilometers of roads and railways were built over 28 years thanks to successful activity of the company. More than 8 thousand highly qualified employees of various specialties work in BAZIS CONSTRUCTION. They provide for its successful development and implementation of projects.

“Choice of the year No. 1 in Kazakhstan” has once again confirmed that BAZIS-A brand is the guarantee of reliability, brilliant architectural solutions and the consistently high quality of construction.