August 14, 2018

BAZIS-A staff members celebrated the Constructor’s day

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are congratulating you on the Constructor’s day! Our profession is well regarded connecting a wide variety of specialists – architects, design engineers, engineers, and constructors, construction materials manufacturers united for a noble goal – to create and build the future!

We would like to wish you joy of creativity, success, prosperity and sound health! And let every our professional day be celebrated the same funny, brightly and sportingly way as we celebrated it this year!

Corporate holiday took place al fresco, in the territory of picturesque Almaty Resort sanatorium. Funny dance warming-up made mood to the holiday after which a spectacular and hot-tempered contest started. It is interesting that the teams had been formed spontaneously in random order. Employees of different departments having found themselves in one team had been united by striving for victory. In gusto they showed a wonderwork of handiness, quickness performing uneasy tasks with brilliantly and resolving puzzles and making sense of conundrums. As a result of fair duel of the teams, leaders had appeared but in the end the decision was made to divide a valuable prize between two teams who had gained equal points. As a matter of fact like in any other team competition winners all around!

The teambuilding programme was accompanied by interesting activities. Everyone interested could try their hand at acroyoga, chess and table-top games.

After entertaining sport marathon all gamers and supporters could enjoy festal dinner. Splendid corporate holiday will be retained in our memory for a long time by its emotions of joy and happiness, team spirit ardour and amusement.

Congratulations sounded at this holiday and the achievements of the best employees were awarded by honorary certificates.