January 18, 2020

BAZIS-A green sensation: METROPOLE live houses!

2019 was marked by the start of a large-scale innovative project of BAZIS-A – METROPOLE residential quarter. For the first time in the territory of Kazakhstan and CIS countries wall gardening technology of facades is being carried out! METROPOLE green facades is a vertical park of coniferous and deciduous trees. Original concept design has been projected taking into account changeable, contrast weather of Almaty: complicated engineering solutions will provide comfortable atmosphere for the growth of trees even at a height of 19th floor!

Wall gardening is a stylish world architectural trend which symbolizes an ideal integration of the residential complex and a natural area landscape. So the facades of METROPOLE houses simulate mountainsides of Zaili Alatau along which the trees are “climbing up”.

METROPOLE “live houses” project will be performed by means of original elements in the form of balcony niches on which the cups with coniferous and deciduous trees will be placed. For provision of irrigation the system of hilar drip irrigation has been developed. Special types of binding will protect the trees from Almaty winds.

Engineering solutions which allow combining a building and nature in a single entity is not just a new design detail. Wall gardening allows to increase total green areas and green index of the cities. Big megapolises are in constant search for opportunities to increase this percent.

Technological break at the interface of engineering and latest technologies in selection of plants took place in 2014 in Singapore. Tree House high scraper with wall gardening with total area of 2,289 sq.m. entered the Guinness Book of Records. The next to carry out the idea of “house-tree” were the Australians at One Central Park high scraper and the Italians in “Vertical forest” residential complex.

Green facades are the necessary future for big cities. They reduce wall heat, level of dust penetration into the buildings, humidify the air, and reduce noise level. Almaty inhabitants will be the first to see how METROPOLE “live” houses are growing