November 12, 2018

BAZIS-A Corp. is a time proven reliable builder

When purchasing property on the primary market, Kazakhstani make a study of a reliability of a builder by analyzing independent ratings. BAZIS-A Corp. once again became the leader of a referendum conducted by having confirmed its status of a reliable builder No. 1.

The referendum was conducted according to the following criteria:

* Quantity of housing taken into use including the facilities under construction

* Absence of a past-due debt (penalties, fines) including the amount of taxes paid for the last year

* Experience of receiving a guarantee from “Housing guarantee fund” JSC

* Existence of License of category 1 and 2

* Market coverage on a nationwide scale

* Work experience.

It emerged that the most important criteria through participation in the funding of construction, Kazakhstani consider the guarantees of HGF (Housing guarantee fund). In other words, the interest-holders have 100 % guarantee that the facility will be completed and taken into use in all circumstances.

BAZIS-A Corp., being a part of BAZIS conglomerate, has been building residential and administrative facilities in accordance with the RoK legislature for 27 years. All residential buildings of the company, being available for sale, have a permit for attraction of financial resources of interest-holders in the line of the housing guarantee Fund or local executive bodies. Among other criteria the respondents point out an uncompromising integrity of BAZIS-A Corp. in the absence of problem facilities as well as the wide range of residential complexes in the territory of Astana and Almaty.

We thank Kazakhstani for the shown trust and choice!