July 1, 2019

Almaty Riviera will appear!

BAZIS-А is presenting a new residential complex RIVIERA! A unique format of residential complex incorporated natural microclimate with city comfort, “home without limits” infrastructure and own park on the embankment with terrenkur.

 It is unparalleled luxury to live near the embankment next to the mountain river. The nature itself has created here a special microclimate for life having saturated the air with coolness and freshness. Here you can find the lost harmony, stay alone with yourself, listen for the sounds of water and birds singing. Or you can revive yourself with cheerfulness and energy during the morning run along the terrenkur.

 The house near the river is being constructed along the Bolshaya Almatinka River next to ADK SEC, on Tlendiyev str., to the south of Satpayev str. This is exactly the place where sanctification of the facility took place prior to the beginning of construction – tradition with a profound meaning for attraction of prosperity and happiness in RIVIERA. Having performed a ritual, an imam of Aksai mosque Kuanysh Abishev said parting words to the constructors, blessed the new residential complex.

Detached from the city noise the quarter at the embankment of the river still does not preclude an active busy life, because only a footstep away from RIVIERA there is ADK trade and entertainment complex with great opportunities for shopping, rest and entertainment.

A very convenient advantage is that the residential complex is literally surrounded by schools, gymnasiums and kindergartens.

 In RIVIERA it is easy to be dynamic and mobile: nearby transport corridors of the city lie: these are Satpayev Street, Abai Avenue, within walking distance there is Sairan metro station.

An honorable architectural image of RIVIERA is smoothly inscribed in the city landscape. Trust relations between architecture and nature, ecological compatibility and openness create the atmosphere in which one wants to live and work inhaling fresh mountain air and the cool of the river.

The 700-metres embankment is not only the best place for rest, walks with children but also an excellent distance for active morning exercises. After all there is also a park alley in the centre of the residential complex – the magnet for inhabitants of RIVIERA. The houses are grouped in closed yard spaces. In each such mini park there are modern entertainment modules, playing and workout grounds. Sport lovers will appreciate a big football field and a tennis court.

Great opportunities have been created for your children in the kids development centre in the territory of the residential complex – first communication skills and preparation for school in comfortable conditions in close proximity to the house. In ideally equipped world of RIVIERA there is all you need: shops, beauty salons, drugstores, dry-cleaners, coffee houses are within reach of your hand.

Having crossed the threshold of the house you will find yourself in an elegant lobby, in which all the details of its interior are thought through – decorative elements, honorable materials, and grateful gradations underlying the status of your house.

Thought over planning of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-room apartments from 44 sq.m. to 108 sq.m. are ideally fit for creation of stylish and grant you an absolute freedom for unflagging fantasy.

RIVIERA is your house near the river! An oasis of quietness and harmony is yours forever! Cast the anchor!