August 12, 2019

ARGENTO. Live in the centre of the capital!

Nur-Sultan is only 21. Adulthood is a nice age. The city is venturing into different endeavours, is actively growing in all directions. The capital is broad-minded and has a lot of interests. Catch the Spirit! New Residential Complex named ARGENTO from BAZIS-A is your guide to a new full and active life!

Two worlds converge here: placidity of nature and big city dynamics. ARGENTO jumps on the bandwagon in creation of an ideal city space for living, combining nature and technologies, mobility and privacy, easiness of integration in the city flow and relax of park and pedestrian zones. Such a contrast and effective mix has become possible due to 28-year experience of BAZIS-A in construction of houses, modern constructive solutions and a unique location of the Residential Complex.

ARGENTO is located at the junction of Akmeshit Street and Orynbor Street. In the neighbourhood there is the Botanical Garden, Sary Arka cycle track, Triumphal arch, Barys-Arena, medical city and the Library of the First President. ARGENTO Residential Complex is a unique combination of the best opportunities that the city can offer, i.e. educational institutions for all ages, a wide range of opportunities for career, cultural entertainment, relaxation and shopping, sports and healthy life style. On top of all of that is a high coefficient of transport accessibility.

Elegant and shapely ARGENTO cascade consists of four high-rise houses (21- and 18-storeyed). A multi-functional stylobate with places for street retail and parking raises ARGENTO over the busy urban life. A cozy safe yard protected from city noise and steppe winds has been organized on it.

ARGENTO takes into account obsession of the city people with individuality and self-expression and offers different layout solutions of the apartments – choose yours at

ARGENTO – Be interested in different things,

                                  Strife for the new,

                                                  Live in the centre of the capital!