Construction of various purpose facilities is the main specialization of BAZIS-A. During the years of its activities, BAZIS-A has built hundreds of objects of different purposes of total area of 11,500,000 m2. They include residential complexes, administrative buildings, multi-functional business centers, international level hotels, education and health facilities, shopping and entertaining complexes, sports facilities, industrial, hydraulic works, objects of transport infrastructure, bridges, culverts, and road overpasses.
Today BAZIS-A is the largest construction company and developer in one person.


Construction - Фото 3
BAZIS-A Company has been constructed residential facilities since 1991. The main direction of residential construction is construction of complexes and cottages of De Luxe, Premium and Business classes. Complexes constructed by group of companies "Bazis" have better location. We construct in prime districts of cities, in historic centers, next to the magnificent natural parks.
Construction - Фото 4
Construction of administrative buildings is one of the main activities of BAZIS-A company. We have constructed many important administrative knowledge of Kazakhstan both for ministries and government agencies and for major national and international companies.
Construction - Фото 5
We are the only company in Kazakhstan that distinguishes construction of hotels as a separate segment. Thanks to it, we are able to understand the specifics of hotel business and to concentrate on the tasks of the customer better than other developers.
Construction - Фото 6
Construction of facilities for sports, education and healthcare imposes a special responsibility on the construction company. Bazis has a huge experience in construction of schools, educational institutions, sports and developing complexes for children and youth, and healthcare facilities.
Construction - Фото 7
BAZIS-A performs projects of the highest complexity, including in the field of industrial construction. Over the years of our activity, we have built a large number of plants, factories, and industrial premises.
Construction - Фото 8
Infrastructural construction from the early days of existence of companies "BAZIS-A" is one of the main activities of the company. We have a wealth of experience in the construction both of transport infrastructure of cities and in strategically important infrastructure of Kazakhstan, such as Koksaray counterregulator and railway junction on the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Zhetygen-Korgas.