Bazis City

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1. Industrial buildings
2. Residential complex “On Ivacheva”, Novosibirsk, Russia
3. Complex of residential apartments, Astana, Kazakhstan
4. Military clinical hospital, Almaty, Kazakhstan
5. Physico-mathematical Intellectual school of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, Almaty, Kazakhstan
6. Trade–restaurant complex VilldeiFiori, Almaty, Kazakhstan
7. Residential Complex “29th block ”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
8. Trade centre Promenade, Almaty, Kazakhstan
9. Administrative building of Eurasian financial industrial corporation, Astana, Kazakhstan
10. Road interchange, Almaty, Kazakhstan
11. Residential Complex “Triumph of Astana”, Astana, Kazakhstan
12. Residential Complex “Astana Zhuldyzy”, Astana, Kazakhstan
13. Shopping and entertainment centre “Almaly”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
14. Multifunctional Business Centre “Moscow”, Astana, Kazakhstan
15. Residential Complex “Triumph І, ІІ”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
16. Residential Complex “Northern lights”, Astana, Kazakhstan
17. Administrative Complex “Emerald block”, Astana, Kazakhstan
18. Residential Complex “Metropolitan centre”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
19. Residential Complex “Shakhristan”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
20. Residential Complex “Eastern star” Almaty, Kazakhstan
21. Schoolchildren's Palace, Astana, Kazakhstan
22. Residential Complex “Emerald”, Astana, Kazakhstan
23. Residential Complex “Na Ovrazhnoi”, Novosibirsk, Russia
24. Residential Complex “Prestige”, Astana, Kazakhstan
25. House of entertainment, Almaty, Kazakhstan
26. Residential Complex “Sunny valley”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
27. Multifunctional Complex Globus, Almaty, Kazakhstan
28. Business Centre “Q Almaty”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
29. Residential Complex “Triumphal”, Astana, Kazakhstan
30. Art Palace “Shabyt”, Astana, Kazakhstan
31. Building of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan

32. Architectural composition “Round Square”, Astana, Kazakhstan
33. Building of Ministry of Transport and Communications, Astana, Kazakhstan
34. Complex of administrative buildings of National Company “KazMunaiGaz” JSC, Astana, Kazakhstan
35. Automobile trestle, Astana, Kazakhstan
36. Shopping and entertainment centre MegaAstana, Astana, Kazakhstan
37. Residential Complex MegaTowerAlmaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan
38. HiltonGardenInn Hotel, Astana, Kazakhstan
39. Business Centre “Q Astana”, Astana, Kazakhstan
40. “Club house on Tchaikovskogo”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
41. Residential Complex “On Zheltoksan - Kurmangazy”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
42. Administrative- residential complex “Oasis”, Aktau, Kazakhstan
43. Objects of social destination and railroad line Zhetygen – Korgas, National boundary of the Republic of Kazakhstan
44. Manufacturing Factory of photovoltaic modules, Astana, Kazakhstan
45. Business Centre “Asia”, Astana, Kazakhstan
46. Residential House “Dostyk”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
47. Hotel Complex “Duman”, Astana, Kazakhstan
48. Residential Complex “Rapsodiya”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
49. Polyfunctional Complex “Nurly Tau”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
50. Residential Complex MillenniumPark, Astana, Kazakhstan
51. Building of national Company KEGOC, Astana, Kazakhstan
52. Residential Complex RoyalGardens, Almaty, Kazakhstan
53. Cottage town “Alpine meadows”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
54. Residential district Aksai-Zhetysu, Almaty, Kazakhstan
55. Residential Complex “Kausar”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
56. Residential Complex “Lumyer”, Saint Petersburg, Russia
57. Building of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan

58. Administrative Building “KAZAKHOIL”, Astana, Kazakhstan
59. Residential Complex “Talisman”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
60. Residential Complex “Ovaciya”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
61. Administrative residential complex “On the water-green boulevard”, Astana, Kazakhstan
62. Residential Complex “Roses valley”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
63. Residential Complex “City romance, Italian block”, Astana, Kazakhstan
64. Residential Complex “City romance, English block” , Astana, Kazakhstan
65. Residential Complex LONDON, Astana, Kazakhstan
66. Residential Complex “City romance, French block” , Astana, Kazakhstan
67. Cottage town “Sunny Valley” , Almaty, Kazakhstan
68. Koksarai flood anti- regulator, South Kazakhstan
69. Koksarai dam, South Kazakhstan
70. Building of Canadian Embassy, Astana, Kazakhstan
71. Hotel Complex “Munaishy”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
72. Business Centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan
73. Residential Complex “Fantasy”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
74. Residential Complex “New World”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
75. International business centre, Astana, Kazakhstan
76. Residential Complex “Versal”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
77. Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, Astana, Kazakhstan
78. Residential Complex “Etude”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
79. Residential Complex “Ak Bota”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
80. Residential Complex “Renascence”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
81. Residential Complex “Botanic garden”, Almaty, Kazakhstan

On the city map you could see and estimate the entire scope of our work and our devotion to the most constructive profession, the professions of Builder!


Dear clients and partners!

We are proud of the fact that a great number of our architectural creations are loved and recognized by people of Kazakhstan as well as abroad.

All objects built by group of companies "BAZIS-A" collected together in one place could compose a whole city with splendid residential houses, administrative complexes, schools, shopping and entertainment centers, airport, railway station, road junctions, logistic centers, factories and even a flood-control dam.

We are happy to represent you a Bazis City, the city which combines a lot of objects built by our company. 

For the years of our activity group of companies "BAZIS-A" has built constructions with the total area more than 11,500,000 m2.