Our principles

Our standpoint is simple and clear: we focus on sustainable and continuous improvement of our results.


Our fundamental principles are outlined from our vision of running business and form a code of corporate conduct. Our principles are complied with by all employees of Bazis-A and regulate our business relationships with partners and clients.

Range of Client Oriented Services

We maintain extensive communication with our clients in order to determine their needs. In the course of private discussions with our clients, on all stages of partner collaboration we demonstrate our experience and expertise.

We suggest our clients a comprehensive system of services of the entire process from buildings construction to their exploitation, which was specially developed for our clients.

We reach leading ratings in comparison with our rivals due to the perfection that we propose. To achieve that perfection we always cooperate with the best partners.

We play an important role in formation of the market making use of both innovative products and services, and, therefore, set new high standards in the real estate market.

Successful Employees

We focus on sustainable and continuous improvement of our results.

We achieve it trough new ideas, loyalty with respect to our employees, and honest commitment to perfection.

We undertake responsibility for complex tasks as we have all necessary opportunities to achieve high targets. We are fair and practice an affirmative approach to the work of each employee.

We reach agreement wit the help of our assessment interviews, each of which is performed with particular and individual purposes. Through impartial assessments we increase motivation and improve working efficiency.

We provide awareness of innovative solutions within the framework of internal training programs and transfer of experience by means of tutorship.

We cooperate with our partners executing common projects in order to show our competence in the best possible way.

We pay great attention to continuous professional education and believe in corporate culture that, taking into account the needs of people, provides them with all necessary highly professional skills and resources for satisfaction of those needs.

We are flexible and mobile. We assume the solution of complicated tasks for our clients.

We bring personal message to the society in order to help it assure in uniform and positive perception of our brand.

Our Principles:

- Client oriented service

- Successful employees

- Stability

- Focus on success


We believe in steady growth and admit responsibility with respect to environment and society.

We are committed to our ethic principles and do everything that is possible to facilitate fair business.

We believe in equality of opportunities and work to encourage and support every employee or officer.

We promote all measures to protect health and security. In this way we reduce the risk of accidents safeguarding people’s health.

Focus on Success

We develop the company in strategic and operative way, maintaining respect of clients and partners to our company.

We raise our profits by the way of application of innovations and protect the future of our company.

We believe in full-fledged communication both inside the company and beyond it, and strive for transparent business.

Within the company, we are involved in the common cause in order to increase its value. We enter into arrangements with all responsibility entrusted to us.