BAZIS-A is directly interested in enhancing prestige of the profession of a Builder and attracting young qualified workers and professionals to collaboration. For this purpose, Human Resources Department of the company has developed and is implementing Keleshek Isker program that deals with organizing effective cooperation of BAZIS-A enterprises and educational establishments engaged in training professionals of constructional specialties.

Within the framework of Keleshek Isker program, BAZIS-A has become an experimental platform for implementation of new dual system of education. Bazis took two colleges in Astana and Almaty under patronage. The heads of construction and installation departments and experts of vocational education of the colleges have coactively worked out a program of training for experimental groups. A ’school of tutors’ has been created, and experienced workers and foremen train the future builders and transfer them their knowledge. Passing practical training on our objects the students not only gain high-grade knowledge, but also get salary for their work. During a period of program realization, 456 students earned 24 mln KZT while passing practical training on our objects.

In autumn 2014, Keleshek Isker program picked up an award “HR-brand Kazakhstan 2014”.

Keleshek Isker offers great challenges to young workers because while passing practical training in our company they get a unique experience of work with state-of-the-art technologies in construction, as well as an opportunity to improve their professional skills on real construction objects.