BAZIS-A owes its success to the team of many thousands of professionals. It took years to form and unite this team in a common striving for achievement of the highest quality of construction and maximally profitable package of services for each client.


BAZIS-A - the largest construction organization and builder of Kazakhstan. BAZIS-A has been working at the construction market since 1991 and has the highest reputation of the leader of construction industry of Kazakhstan.

In 29 years of activity more than 15 500 000 sq.m of residential and office buildings, more than 3 000 000 sq.m of objects of social and infrastructure appointment, hundreds of kilometers automobile and the railroads have been built by the BAZIS-A. Annually we put 350-400 thousand sq.m of buildings of different function into operation.

BAZIS-A has international experience. We build objects not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad – in Russia and in Canada. 

BAZIS-A includes the companies conducting their activity in several largest business directions: investment and development, design and construction, production of construction materials, rent of the construction equipment and operation of residential and office buildings.  

More than 8 200 highly skilled employees of various specialties work at the BAZIS-A.

  • 29
    years on the market
  • 8 200
    employees in the company
  • 15 500 000
    m2 of constructed objects

Insistency and constancy allowed BAZIS-A to receive an exclusive reputation of a master of construction industry, the master capable of carrying out project of any complexity and in the shortest possible terms without exposing quality of constructed to risk.

BAZIS-A carries out a full complex of installation and construction works on construction of buildings and structures, including housing construction, construction of office buildings, hotels, trade and entertaining and sports complexes, hospitals and policlinics, comprehensive schools, colleges, higher educational institutions, facilities for additional education and leisure for children and teenagers, infrastructure and industrial construction, road construction and so forth.

BAZIS-A - one of the most respected construction companies of Kazakhstan. Our business is based on values that, time-tested. For a quarter of a century, we use only the best practices, adhere to the high aesthetic standards, follow the unsurpassed quality in construction.

BAZIS-A has own transport capacities. We have more than 600 units of construction machines and equipment. 

Our commitment to integrity includes not only the construction and design. First of all, this principle relates to methods of doing business. Our strength lies in long-term relationships with customers and partners, many of whom we are honourably ready to call "dear friends". Business leaders appreciate our responsiveness and responsibility and consider our work an integral part of its own success.