All necessary infrastructures - schools, kindergartens, banks and beauty salons, medical centers, gyms, cafes and restaurants are located within walking distance of Aquarelle Residential Quarter. In a couple of blocks from Aquarelle, there is the State Academic Russian Theatre for Children and Youth n.a. Natalia Sats. Thanks to the excellent transport access and subway stations “Sayran” and “Moskwa” on Abaya Avenue, the building area is very convenient for its residents.

Aquarelle is a modern residential complex of twelve 25-storey buildings. Bright decorative finishing is made with modern, high-quality materials. The earthquake resistance of the buildings was increased, and now they can withstand the magnitude up to 9 points.

Aquarelle Residential Quarter is located in Satpayeva Street, between Turkebaeva Street and Tlendiyeva Street, next to SEC ADK.
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The deadline for completion of the first phase of construction is September 2018, the second stage is June 2019.

The closed courtyards of Aquarelle Residential Quarter are quiet and cozy thanks to the arrangement of buildings. The sidewalks and playgrounds are paved with decorative tiles; the recreation areas are ennobled with landscape elements and exquisite flower beds, which bring the European mood to the complex. The complex offers to the young tenant the modern playgrounds and functional sports grounds installed on the special coating in closed courtyards. Every detail of Aquarelle Residential Quarter is designed with care for you!

Permission No. 17, 18 for attracting the money of equity holders of December 7, 2017. Permission № 40, 42, 43, 44 for attracting the money of equity holders of July 29, 2018. Developer:  BAZIS-A Corp. LLP. Authorized company: LLP "Aquarelle". Permission No. 51 for attracting the money of equity holders of November 5, 2018. Permission No. 61 for attracting the money of equity holders of January 23, 2019.  Developer:  BAZIS-A Corp. LLP. Authorized company: LLP "MIRAS Building".