ORION RESIDENCE continues the traditions of the most prestigious residential skyscrapers of the world, striking with its provocative and cosmopolitan character.

The status of ORION RESIDENCE is determined not only by its non-trivial architecture and exceptional location but also by the presented comfort for residents.

Apartments in ORION RESIDENCE meet the highest criteria of modern, high-quality living space! ORION RESIDENCE provides apartments with the area from 46 m2 to 163 m2.

ORION RESIDENCE is located in the most prestigious area of Almaty - at the intersection of Al-Farabi Avenue and Furmanova Street.
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Construction completion date - december 2018.

Private luxury park of ORION RESIDENCE is designed in the European style. Interesting installations and art objects will appear in this park depending on the seasonal events. The signature landscape design, thoughtful system of decorative lighting, various architectural forms will create an exceptionally comfortable space for walking. ORION RESIDENCE has a swimming pool, sports complex and squash court for its residents.

The architectural idea of ORION RESIDENCE continues the design of the interior space - the lobby with high ceilings places the accents instantaneously, emphasising the status of the residential bundling and its inhabitants.

Apartments in ORION RESIDENCE have panoramic views of the Zailiysky Alatau mountains.

This advertisement is placed with the purpose of studying the demand of potential consumers. Agreements on equity participation in housing construction will be concluded only after the conclusion of the agreement on granting a guarantee with the Guarantee Fund or issuing permission to raise money holders of local executive body. Developer: Bazis-A Corporation LLP. Authorized company: Bazis-Nurlitau LLP.