The most heartwarming home!

«Triumphal» residential complex is located in the heart of Astana, on the left river-bank of Yesil, on Kabanbai Street

National theater of opera and ballet is located in front of «Triumphal». Round Square and Baiterek is located not far from the residential complex. There are a lot of the largest entertaining and shopping centers of Astana city “Sary-Arka”, “Khan-Shatyr”, “Duman” and Mega Astana which are located in the locality of «Triumphal».

Residential complex “Triumph” is built for those who respects tradition and keep family values from generation to generation.
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Сonstruction of residential complex completed.

Working at the project of «Triumphal», architects included in its type best elements of European architecture, laconicism and exactitude of forms, nobleness of lines and refinement of picturesque elements. Houses of complex are fronted with natural travertine stone.

Not only the aesthetic components were come into account during the construction of 4-, 6-, 7- and 8- floored houses of «Triumphal», but also serious practical problems. The cold climate of Astana, requires special attention to the thermal insulation of buildings. The exterior walls of the houses are built of heat-blocks with additional external insulation.

 A higher level of safety is provided in «Triumphal». Concierge is in charge in the lobby during 24 hours, day and night surveillance is kept for the territory of complex. Private yards of “Triumphal” are closed for unauthorized people there you can not find noise and bustle, there you would not meet any cars, road are provided only for pedestrians. You could let children walk in the comfortable yards, exactly know that the walk will be safely.

Spacious underground parking is provided for the cars of livers of the complex, and dividual comfortable parking places are provided for the guests.

You would surely find the apartment that would hit you taste in «Triumphal» residential complex between dozens of versions of planning of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-roomed flats.