November 7, 2017

What else can we build for you?

“BAZIS-A” Corporation presented many new objects to residents of Almaty and Astana cities in outgoing 2017 year. The construction of several new residential complexes has been successfully started and works on erecting of existing residential complexes, which has already founded a response from potential customers, has continued.

More and more Kazakhstan’s residents become connoisseurs of quality construction nowadays and when buying an apartment they make a choice in favor of residential complexes with their own infrastructure. One of the brightest and most anticipated project is erection of residential complexes “ELEMENT”, “ORION” and “LEGENDA” in Almaty city. Each project has vivid distinctive features what easily fits into the matrix of ideal housing criteria and helps clients make right decision during choosing new apartment.

For those who hasn’t bought or hasn’t chosen accommodation to taste among complexes offered to date, “BAZIS-A” is happy to announce amazing news! In the near future three new projects will be presented to residents of northern and southern capitals which will allow you to think again about the fact that quality housing from leading developer is worthy of your close attention.

Construction of residential complexes “Astoria” and “Amulet” will begin in Astana city at the end of 2017 year.

The residential complex “Astoria” will be bright continuation of outstanding project “Triumphal” which is known to residents of the capital as one of the warmest and durable residential buildings.

If you want to know all the neighbors in person, prefer a strict style and appreciates increased comfort of housing, you will like “Amulet” complex.

Magnificent project called “JAZZ-Quarter” has been located in the city center and featuring an impressive list of advantages of a modern residential complex will also be presented to Almaty residents.

Start a new year with decision to acquire an apartment in one of the best residential complexes offered by “BAZIS-A”.