November 15, 2017

There will be less traffic jam in Almaty city

Construction Company “BAZIS” has started construction of the next road junction in Almaty city this autumn. The problem of road traffic congestion will be solved at the intersection of Ryskulov Avenue and Kuldzhinskiy highway, and to get to the airport will be much easier and faster than before.

The bypass road has been prepared on this section of the route for facilitation of passage of vehicles till the end of the construction of road junction. It will be opened for the traffic of cars until the end of this year.

Construction works is in full swing now. Chok Vladislav Valeryevich, the Lead Engineer of the project for preparation and execution of construction works, tells that gas, electric, water and sewage networks is reorganize here at the present moment. Buildings that interfere with construction works is prepared for demolition.

We planned to complete construction of piling fields, grillages and support bodies at one of the interchange ramp, as well as to start preparation of basement for formwork installation for bridge framework until the end of this year.

The intersection at the intersection of Ryskulov Avenue and Kuldzhinskiy highway will be the fifth road junction built by the Construction Company “BAZIS” in Almaty city. Completion of construction is planned on December 2019.